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06 Jan 2014

25 Dec 2013

1 , occurs when the engine fails to start , you should let the driver check : ( 1 ) whether there is an oil tank , pump is working ( 2 ) whether there is a high voltage ( 3 ) whether to start the machine is working properly ( 4 ) Check the oil , whether the lack of oil, no oil or water ( 5 ) water temperature is too high. When the vehicle is in the oil, a high voltage to start the machine can not start working properly, you should contact to the repair shop, do not start the engine in order to avoid greater losses, dragged repair station for testing. Vehicle fuel pump, lines, or the starter fails, do not start the generator in order to avoid short circuit of fire. Water temperature is too high then start running will cause...

28 Nov 2013

Summer rainy season, especially when rainfall is too large, they tend to make people know what to do to drive, very detrimental to safe driving. This is only an expedient measure, a temporary deal with it, or to have the opportunity to do really carefully to the car body repair content or a paint repair.

Timely cleaning
Encountered heavy weather, the car should be returned promptly after cleaning, otherwise the vehicle may cause the gap at the lower side of the accumulation of sludge, which is moisture to hiding place, but also the place most likely to lead to rust.

Paint protection
Acid rain components on the car paint has a strong corrosive effect over time will cause damage to the car paint, so the more rain season,...

28 Nov 2013

Fault one: hand feel air conditioning high and low temperature pipe fits normal, but the car does not feel cold. DIY Diagnosis: air conditioning is not a simple problem the problem may be in the air conditioning temperature control system. Check the control cable heating switch is off check the heating valve is in the closed position. Before and after the touch valve , under normal circumstances should be " close to the engine side of the high temperature, low temperature, close to the vehicle body side " , as the normal contrast , adjust the heating switch to the off state, such as can’t ?be effectively cooled off replace the heating of water into the switch.

Fault two: Adjust the temperature knob feel the temperature does...

22 Nov 2013
Nowadays many areas pointed out environment friendly. Do-it-yourselfers and also the environment friendly same factor is applicable to cars. Being careful the vehicle means not only filling it with gas or changing the oil from time to time. Dealing with your vehicle well will extend the existence of the vehicle, costing you less, and assisting to keep your air clean.

A few of the helpful tips about vehicle maintenance include:

Keeping the tires inflated towards the suggested level. When tires aren't inflated correctly they boost the put on-and-tear from the tire and fuel costs.

Getting regular tune-ups goes a lengthy method to growing fuel efficiency and enhancing the lifespan of the vehicle.

Altering the oil regularly will...

18 Nov 2013

The ads on TV discuss fuel - injection as though everybody knows just what the term means. Although not everybody is really a vehicle auto technician even when they are doing recognize the word. So the initial question is: What's fuel - injection? The 2nd real question is: Why wouldn't you worry about keeping it running easily?

Clearly, through the title, you are able to tell energy - injection system handles getting fuel towards the vehicle engine. Despite being talked about as if it's a reasonably new invention, it's really been around because the nineteen fifties. The fuel - injection system is built to solve the requirement for less polluting pollutants from cars and also to supply fuel towards the engine inside a more effective...

14 Nov 2013

It's amazing that lots of automotive complete breakdowns that occur while on the highway might have been prevented with easy and regular vehicle maintenance. That appears apparent, and yet it's quite common to determine a vehicle stranded along the side of the street using the owner impatiently awaiting assistance. Many people would agree it's much better to become relaxing in enhanced comfort of the house or office as the vehicle has been maintained instead of stuck around the roadside having a vehicle not going anywhere until fixed.

Stopping complete breakdowns on the highway requires good sense methods to auto maintenance. Many complete breakdowns aren't associated with the very fact present day vehicle engines tend to be ...

06 Nov 2013

Auto scan tool is an extremely practical tool, why? It is because it may allow you to cut costs by reducing the unwanted stays towards the auto technician and the organization that created the vehicle. Indicator light informs your automobile and normally flashes a lot more than normal particularly if you are capitalizing more. One more reason why do so practical with an auto scan devices are since the monitoring system which turn the sunshine on is extremely sensitive. To provide you with recommendations, here are the reasons why you need to have auto scan tool.

For individuals vehicle proprietors in the USA and also the neighboring town and cites must realize the government has been serious in applying environment laws and regulations...

29 Oct 2013

Have you got a vehicle? While, possessing a vehicle comes with many different responsibilities. To be able to keep the vehicle in smooth running condition, you have to operate a vehicle check-up periodically.

The situation isn't so simple either, as your vehicle may breakdown in the center of the street, therefore to be able to take the vehicle towards the repair center, you might want to save the transportation costs too. However, if you're able to negate the factor of convenience, you can have a car diagnostic tool fixing your vehicle for a simple problem. However for this you might benefit should you review the following advice. First, you'll need internet access. Plus try to look for a manual of automotive repairs filled with...