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06 Jan 2014

04 Dec 2013

If you have an RC vehicle, be around the look-out always from the potential problems or errors that may occur before, throughout after a run. Look out on every possible angles where running too quickly may go wrong. But, you're the only person too you never know in case your RC vehicle is running in the best condition or otherwise. For those who have any doubts, even when it is the littlest, ensure that you have conducted final check-from your vehicle before you hit the tracks. This is out especially for proprietors running nitro-powered Electric RC cars.

Common error happens within the engine. This is an essential a part of your RC vehicle (the real existence cars very rely on a great conditioned engines), this only denotes...

28 Nov 2013

Summer rainy season, especially when rainfall is too large, they tend to make people know what to do to drive, very detrimental to safe driving. This is only an expedient measure, a temporary deal with it, or to have the opportunity to do really carefully to the car body repair content or a paint repair.

Timely cleaning
Encountered heavy weather, the car should be returned promptly after cleaning, otherwise the vehicle may cause the gap at the lower side of the accumulation of sludge, which is moisture to hiding place, but also the place most likely to lead to rust.

Paint protection
Acid rain components on the car paint has a strong corrosive effect over time will cause damage to the car paint, so the more rain season,...