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25 Dec 2013

1 , occurs when the engine fails to start , you should let the driver check : ( 1 ) whether there is an oil tank , pump is working ( 2 ) whether there is a high voltage ( 3 ) whether to start the machine is working properly ( 4 ) Check the oil , whether the lack of oil, no oil or water ( 5 ) water temperature is too high. When the vehicle is in the oil, a high voltage to start the machine can not start working properly, you should contact to the repair shop, do not start the engine in order to avoid greater losses, dragged repair station for testing. Vehicle fuel pump, lines, or the starter fails, do not start the generator in order to avoid short circuit of fire. Water temperature is too high then start running will cause head deformation, the phenomenon appears to pull the cylinder. Further up the extent of damage to large vehicles.

2 , Rain occurs when the vehicle is traveling machine when in water suddenly goes out, we must not re- start the engine, so as to avoid causing pull water into the combustion chamber cylinder, pour tanks and other more serious damage, be sure to use the trailer onto the repair station for testing, Moreover, losses due to start again after the engine caused by water, the insurance company does not pay for.

3 , Vehicles traveling at night after a normal period of time to the car can’t be started. To see if there is power to do electrical equipment caused the loss of battery power loss, no off headlights, not closed radios, air conditioners and other appliances, manual transmission vehicle can be started carts, automatic transmission vehicles starting again with a new battery connection. If the battery terminal is loose, reconnect the battery terminal and then start, if not above, may other electrical equipment or machinery failure, drag the repair station to be checked.

4 , were found inside the vehicle when the vehicle has burnt skin smell smoke or have found the vehicle to stop immediately, turn off the ignition switch to battery line to win, to avoid the vehicle natural fires. Does not allow the driver to start the vehicle must be checked onto the repair station.

5 , Buick Regal two models , there are nighttime headlights automatically turn on the feature, which is a normal case, no repairs.

6 , there is a dedicated individual tire models , such as screw C5, M6, Lincoln and other models, to identify the special wrench replacement tire replacement.

7 , most of the EFI car models now directly controlled by the computer. Do not remove the battery line less than a last resort. Automatically lock the computer to prevent the vehicle can’t be restarted. Computer data change, or radio, or other device is not locked properly.

8 , when the vehicle is found to have oil spills, leaking drain gasoline and other phenomena , to stop immediately, so as not to appear to pull the vehicle engine cylinder , pour gasoline tank leaks or because of fire again after driving . Take the vehicle onto the service station for repairs.

9 , the vehicle normal driving, but generally because of the imbalance caused by vehicle tires or steering wheel shake when jitter occurs when ran 80-100 km / h. Suggested a tire balancing. Such as jitter is very powerful, it may fail to go to the vehicle suspension repair station for repairs.

10 , the starter motor does not turn, the lights are not bright.

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