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04 Dec 2013

Why need a car? It is convenient to travel, especially in the winter.

In the cold winter, and when you open the car door smartly, only to discover that the car can’t be started. How is it? It really is a depressing thing.

Diagnostic part one: Battery
Cold weather, winter has come to the northern winter the most direct impact on the owners is difficult to start the car. Under battery power at low temperature will be greater than in other seasons, like the feeling of a lack of electricity in winter than many battery- class people to use the device.

Solution: The battery will be affected by winter temperatures reduce the capacity of making, especially because some owners do not drive a business trip or for a long time cause excessive loss of battery power, start the car when it will not start up, the battery life is usually two years, if maintenance is good battery life can be extended to three years.

If the battery some owners never had the shelf life of the vehicle, there have been such cases, then it can find a friend or 4S shop service personnel through the vehicle battery or other power source for your car battery charged, so after restoring power to the 4S shop for the best look to see if the battery fails to detect.

Diagnostic part two: Exhaust Pipe
Winter Many owners more " lazy" will drive a short distance to travel, sometimes due to the short distance near the exhaust pipe may be due to hot and cold temperature to produce water vapor, resulting in freezing car emissions exhaust pipe is not smooth start up.

The solution: an auto repair shop technician Master Zhao said that in such cases the solution is very simple, first of all want to solve the problem of frozen exhaust pipe to find a way to let the ice melt such as push the car to a warmer place, or by melting ice thermos exhaust pipe, etc., and then start the car, not with fire exhaust pipes.

If you want to solve this problem, the owner of the best speed to run or open a long time about the car, completely melted by high heat, dry ice and water vapor exhaust inside.

Diagnostic part three: Oil
The car is not for some time, especially in the winter, it is easy to make some of the oil deterioration or freeze blocking the oil in the car, making the engine resistance increases, starting difficulties.

Solution: a vehicle maintenance shop manager, said peak into the winter, the car mainly to the 4S shop to check under their car’s oil is suitable for winter use, it must be promptly replaced.

Outside temperature -30 ℃ e.g. select 5W ~ 40 oil is more appropriate; 10W-30 oil for the external temperature is - 25 ℃ to 30 ℃. Heat and cold performance 5W ~ 40 better than 10W ~ 30, but the price will be relatively higher. Owners can be selected according to the local oil temperature.

You can buy some diagnostic tools to test your car by yourself, such as: Launch CRP129 Creader 8, Autel Maxidiag MD801. It can help you find what’s wrong with your car, save your time and money. If you want know more about car repair information, please click the below site:

Launch CRP129 Creader 8Autel Maxidiag MD801 


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