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28 Nov 2013

Summer rainy season, especially when rainfall is too large, they tend to make people know what to do to drive, very detrimental to safe driving. This is only an expedient measure, a temporary deal with it, or to have the opportunity to do really carefully to the car body repair content or a paint repair.

Timely cleaning
Encountered heavy weather, the car should be returned promptly after cleaning, otherwise the vehicle may cause the gap at the lower side of the accumulation of sludge, which is moisture to hiding place, but also the place most likely to lead to rust.

Paint protection
Acid rain components on the car paint has a strong corrosive effect over time will cause damage to the car paint, so the more rain season, it is best to give the car to conduct a paint repair capacity. The simplest is waxing, more permanent and more effective is the closure of the glaze content. Whatever the method, gave the car wearing an invisible protective coat to prevent paint fade aging, so beautiful car capacity is often accompanied or so.

Ignition start
Rain, owners often encounter difficult to start the engine problems, and sometimes even forced to start up, but also weakly. This is probably the biggest problems come from the ignition system leakage due to moisture generated. In addition, it may be the one to rain on the weather cools and seals in the distributor plate of hot air are likely to condense into water droplets and cause power panel inside a small flood, and thus the loss of the normal ignition functionality.

Braking in addition to water
The vast majority of car brake system hydraulic dual circuit brake vacuum booster, noteworthy is that the brake fluid power transmission system is extremely absorbent. If water enters the brake fluid in the braking process, the friction heat generated causes the water vaporizer. The gas is compressible, the brake fluid is compressed, it will cause brake failure and even failure.

Wiper Maintenance
Let the inevitable increase in rain wiper assume more responsibility, because the road and the line of sight is not conducive to driving rain, if not a good brush wiper rain, traffic safety will give you great danger, this time it is played wiper a very important role, so its inspection and maintenance to be more careful in place.

Air condition
In terms of indoor moisture, air conditioner is the best way, even if the weather cool, as long as the set temperature, the air conditioner will not be opened to reduce the heating effect, but can increase the dehumidification function. A case the weather cleared, the car parked in the sun to receive the sun, open four windows, let indoor air convection, the car heat by the sun will soon exclude internal deposition vapor.

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