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22 Nov 2013

Cars are now becoming increasingly popular, and now run a car on the road more and more. Taking a trip drove really convenient, but cars and people, work more than a need to rest and maintenance. Following are small car maintenance problems experience.

Methods / steps
1, timely cleaning the car. Usually on the road or when parking, the car easily stained with dust particles , bird droppings , etc., especially after the rain , which the acidic substances car a long time will corrode the surface of the paint, causing the car to no longer bright, serious fade.

2, promptly check and replace the car oil. Automotive engines and other components are inseparable from the normal operation of oil lubrication, cleaning and so on. Therefore need to promptly check the dipstick to see if the oil is normal. Generally speaking, the new car to be replaced every once ran 5,000 km oil, even if the oil filter is dirty filter replacement.

3, periodically check the antifreeze, brake oil, glass of water, etc. is sufficient. Antifreeze can guarantee the normal vehicle driving in the winter is not easy on the cold. Brake Fluid is an integral part of the brake system. These will have to ensure adequate to allow normal operation of the vehicle.

4, regular wheel alignment. Car ran axiom more, sometimes deviation phenomenon, easily buried hazards. Then four to promptly locate the vehicle, automobile deviation problem has been resolved. No deviation phenomenon timely, regular wheel alignment is also very good it.

5, always check the tire pressure. Normal tire pressure is to ensure that the premise of the vehicle firmly on the road , tire pressure is too high increases puncture hazard , will reduce comfort ; tire pressure is too low will increase fuel consumption , increase tire wear efforts. So should always check the tire pressure, can bring their own tires manometer best. If the forum patterns are bald, must be timely replacement tires.

6, Periodically check the line. Normal operation of the car need the strong support of the line, including a variety of lights, the car starts, etc., are used in lines. To periodically check to see which lines existed aging or poor contact, promptly repaired to eliminate safety hazards.

7, regular check brake pads and clutch plates and other wear. Car on the road, the brake pads and clutch plates, etc. have been worn to a certain extent to be replaced, otherwise there is a big security risk. Therefore, in accordance with the instructions on the vehicle specification , up to a certain number of kilometers necessary to check the brake pads and clutch plates for wear.

You can use diagnostic tools to test your car by yourself, such as: Autel Maxidiag MD802, Launch Creader VIII and so on. If you want know about car repair information, please click the below site:

Autel Maxidiag MD802

Launch Creader VIII 


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