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24 Sep 2013

Launch X431 Pro is the Launch Technology for Internet applications based on the Android system developed new automotive fault diagnostic equipment. X-431 PRO completely replace the X-431 IV and Diagun III products, companies in the automotive heritage Launch models covering a wide technical fault diagnosis, testing, powerful, special features and more accurate test data as well as many other advantages, through the vehicle diagnostic connector and Bluetooth mobile intelligent terminal communication, and product all models, system-wide automotive diagnostic troubleshooting.

X-431 PRO combines the advantages of mobile Internet applications can be shared Launch vehicle maintenance data in the cloud network and case base to provide immediate repair information, the establishment of the maintenance of public and private circles, so as to enter a wide range of automotive diagnostic communities, which LAUNCH is a contribution to the diagnosis of a sector of the classic Internet applications for diagnostic equipment.

Launch X-431 PRO’s advantages

Launch X431 Pro is strong performance of the development of Tablet PC-style android platform, not just the diagnosis.
Launch X-431 PRO integrated Launch20 years X-431 series diagnostic products essence of technology, performance increasingly outstanding.
Launch X-431 PRO has fusion rich Internet applications, work and life more convenient.
Launch X-431 PRO has diagnostic community and technical exchange, it letting you to work is no longer alone.
Launch X-431 PRO let businesses and customers to achieve interoperability, increase customer stickiness.
Launch X-431 PRO can maintain a database at any time, to help you a job well done.

Launch X431 Pro


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