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17 Sep 2013

Launch X431 Diagun 3 is a new product build by LAUNCH, specially designed and developed professional automotive fault diagnostic equipment for the maintenance technician. Its appearance compact, easy to carry, complete functions, simple operation, is standard equipment maintenance technician.

Launch X431 Diagun 3 + Launch DBScar diagnostic connector with integrated design, support wired and wireless Bluetooth diagnose diagnosis. Color screen display, touch input method, simple and quick.
1, DBScar diagnostic connector with the host integrated design, more convenient to carry.
2, shutter design, placement and protection DBScar joints play a role, but serve as a reminder customers use to remove the connector back into the joint after rolling in, to prevent DBScar connector loss.
3, It surrounded by plastic bag design, product protection.
4, The overall cover removable, easy to replace the battery.
5, the entire piece acrylic lenses, the product shape is more upscale.
6,3800 mAh rechargeable battery, greater capacity, longer standby use.
7, The battery using the eight countries language instructions and warnings, the product more professional.
It has powerful diagnostic functions, Wireless Diagnostics, Stylish and compact design, Well-designed battery system, Easy to compare and analyze, A screen two sets of data flow waveform display.

1, car models covering a wide
X-431 IV inherited the X431 series (the maximum development car model software diagnostic equipment current) diagnostic functions. X - 431 IV support for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, Hyundai; addition to the above-mentioned mainstream models, but also IRKIA, PERODUA, Proton, TATA, Maruti, LANCIA, Dacia, Smart, Transporter & V-Class and other Asia / Europe / Americas 90% models of software diagnostics (220 cars, 2500 cars).

2, research and development strength
Over 400 research and development team;
Many overseas research and development measured base,
Abroad: USA, Germany, UK, Australia, Japan, France, Latin American, Malaysia
Domestic: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenyang, Guangzhou
One of the earliest companies to do diagnostic equipment,
Various car communication protocol widely accumulation.

3, many special features
Relying on the accumulation of basic diagnostic, extend many special features covering different forms of products. Such as: motor oil reset, idle learning, ignition timing adjustment, idle speed adjustment, camshaft timing control learning.

Wireless Diagnostics
Host and DBScar connector via Bluetooth communication technology
Realize wireless diagnosis function.
Compact and stylish design
Cover plate rolling shutter design, built DBScar connector, compact

4.3-inch high-brightness, high-resolution color LCD touch screen
- 480X272 higher resolution, sharper colors
- Handwriting, touch operation, fast and flexible

Launch X431 Diagun 3


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